HCI Comprehensive Exam

Last Updated: August 20, 2010

This page provides information for students enrolled in the Communication and Information Sciences PhD program who planning to take the primary or secondary exam in Human-Computer Interaction.

You will need to read a selection of specified books and articles before taking the exam. The readings are here. Some readings have been placed on reserve. A conceptual taxonomy of HCI may be found in this pdf document written by Chris Hundhausen. The rules for taking the exam are below.


Core Courses

You are required to take two HCI core courses before taking the exam. The following are the regularly scheduled core courses.

Occasionally a relevant ICS 491 or 691 is offered: ask in advance whether it will count! For example, these courses may be used to meet the requirement:


As of fall 2015 the exam committee consists of Robertson (chair), Gazan, and Suthers.