Belvedere Software: How to Get It

Belvedere 2.1 is our Java-based software for constructing inquiry diagrams (a.k.a. "evidence maps") and other diagrammatic representations of one's ideas.

We are no longer distributing Belvedere 2.1 to the general public. The version of Java on which it is based is becoming obselete. The effort of distributing Belvedere is not worth the feedback we are getting in return. However, Belvedere's successor may be available in the future.

Belvedere 3.0 will be available soon from the University of Hawai`i. To be notified of this release, subscribe yourself to our announcement list here, or send email to

Belvedere was developed by:

Advanced Cognitive Tools for Learning
Learning Research and Development Center
University of Pittsburgh

Belvedere client programmed by Kim Harrigal and Dan Jones.
Collaborative database server by Dan Jones.
Automated coaching by Dan Suthers, Joe Toth, and Arlene Weiner.
Science materials by Eva Toth and Arlene Weiner.
On-line help by John Connelly.
Dan Suthers, technical lead and project manager.
Thanks to Alan Lesgold for his guidance and contributions to the design.

Belvedere's new home is:

Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies
Dan Suthers, PI
Department of Information and Computer Sciences
University of Hawai'i at Manoa
1680 East West Road, POST 303A
Honolulu HI 96822
1-808-956-3890 or 7420 voice
1-808-956-3548 fax (attn: Dan Suthers)

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