Current Team

Persons actively collaborating on LILT projects or working with Dr. Suthers.


Dr. Dan Suthers
Professor of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS); Chair of Communication and Information Sciences (CIS) Ph.D. program; PI, Traces Project


Dr. Nathan Dywer
OceanIT Researcher; Collaborator, CollabReps Project and Traces Project
Dr. Devan Rosen
Assistant Professor, Communicology (formerly Speech); Co-PI, Traces Project

Graduate Students

These students are actively working with Dr. Suthers on their PhDs, whether on a current funded project or under other funding as indicated.

Kar-Hai Chu
ABD CIS PhD Program; Graduate Research Assistant, Traces Project
Ruobing Chi
CIS PhD Program; Directed Reading/Research
Lisa Chuang
CIS PhD Program; Instructor, Hawaii Pacific University; Directed Reading/Research
Caterina Desiato
CIS PhD Program; Teaching Assistant, CIS Program; Directed Reading/Research (towards a proposal)
Erika Lacro
CIS PhD Program; Vice Chancellor, Honolulu Community College; Directed Reading/Research
(towards a proposal)
Viil Lid
ABD CIS PhD Program; Graduate Teaching Assistant, Communications; Directed Reading/Research
Richard Medina
ICS PhD Program; IT Specialist, Language Learning Center; Directed Reading/Research (towards
a proposal)
Chris Slade
ICS PhD Program; Professor and Chair, Computer Science, BYU Hawaii
Taunalei Kau Wolfgramm
CIS PhD Program; Directed Reading/Research


Thanks to these alumni who have contributed to the success of LILT. Presently this does not include the many HiMax and Cerego student project members: More alumni will be added shortly.

Former Co-PIs

Violet Harada
Professor, Library and Information Sciences; Co-PI, Hawaii Networked Learning Communities, 1999-2007
Sam Joseph
Assistant Researcher; Co-PI and Director, HiMax and Cerego Projects, 2007-2010
Victor Kobayashi
Outreach College, University of Hawai`i; PI, Asynchronous Learning Networks
Jaishree Odin
Liberal Studies and Outreach College, University of Hawai`i; Co-PI, Asynchronous Learning Networks

Faculty and Research Staff

Malia Chow
Junior Researcher, HNLC Project
Laura Girardeau
Junior Researcher, RepBias and HNLC Projects, 2000-200?
Chris Hundhausen
Postdoc, RepBias Project, 1999-200?; subsequently ICS faculty member and LILT assistant director
Sam Joseph
Assistant Researcher, HiMax Project, and LILT associate director, 2007-2010
Kaveh Kardan
Collaborating Researcher, HiMax Project, 2007-2008
Neil Scott
Collaborating Researcher, HiMax Project, 2007-2008
Andrei Sherstyuk
Collaborating Researcher, HiMax Project, 2007-2008
Joyce Yukawa
Junior Researcher, HNLC Project, 2005-2006

Research Assistants

David Burger
Graduate Research Assistant, 2001-200?; (ICS MS degree awarded)
Kar-Hai Chu
Graduate Research Assistant, 2005-present (CIS PhD in progress)
Wil Doane
Graduate Research Assistant, 2001-2003 (ICS MS degree awarded)
Bruce Harris
Graduate Research Assistant, 200?-200? (ICS MS degree awarded)
Sam Joseph
Graduate Research Assistant, 2004-2007 (ICS MS degree awarded)
Viil Lid
Graduate Research Assistant, 2001-2007 (CIS PhD in progress)
Bin Ma
Graduate Research Assistant, 2000-2002 (ICS MS degree awarded)
Paulo Maurin
Graduate Research Assistant, 2004-2008 (CIS PhD degree awarded)
Richard Medina
Graduate Research Assistant, 2004-200? (ICS PhD in progress)
Victor Miagkikh
Graduate Research Assistant, 2010-2011 (ICS PhD in progress)
Dan Morton
Graduate Research Assistant, 2003-2005 (ICS MS degree awarded)
David Pautler
Graduate Research Assistant, 1998-1999 (ICS PhD degree awarded under another chair)
Ravi Vatrapu
Graduate Research Assistant, 2003-2007 (CIS PhD degree awarded)
Joyce Yukawa
Graduate Research Assistant, 2001-2005 (CIS PhD degree awarded)
Hongli Xiang
Graduate Research Assistant, 1999-2000 (ICS MS degree awarded)
Bo Yang
Graduate Research Assistant, 1999-2000 (ICS MS degree awarded)

Visiting Researchers

Tomio Shingae
Visiting Researcher, 2003-2004; Nakamura Gakuen University
Toshi Takeda
Visiting Researcher, 2000-2002; Kwansei Gakuin University

ICS 499 and ICS 699 (Directed Studies) Students

Terrence Balcita, Robert Brewer, Jennifer Brown, David Burger, Michael Chang, Pai-Chia Chang, Xiaohua Chen, Grace Ching, Kar-Hai Chu, Caterina Desiato, Haimin Fan, Keuntae Gil, Dong Ha, Monir Hodges, Neil Holmquist, Taunalei Kau, Chris Kraynek, Eddie Lau, George Lee, Viil Lid, Trudy Lin, Bill Luoma, Joshua Manning, Victor Miagkikh, Richard Medina, Mark McKeague, Jeffrey McNeill, Chiling Pan, Bernard Paule, Lin Qiu, Marlon Rabara, Mike Satake, Manisa Sawatpanit, Matthew Sharritt, Lance Shinsato, Suriya Supatanaskui, Astrid Tomsic, Jeanne Turner, Ravi Vatrapu, Moana Viado, Ying Wang, Jun Xu, Rui Xue, Scott Yamane, Phil Yoneshige, Guanghong Yang, Zhenyu Yang, and Lixin Zheng.


LILT Team (except Ravikiran Vatrapu), August 2004, celebrating release of new version of Left to right: Front: Joyce Yukawa, Viil Lid, Vi Harada, Richard Medina. Rear: Paulo Maurin, Dan Morton, Sam Joseph, Josh Wingstrom, Dan Suthers.

LILT Night Out, February 2002. Left to right: Bruce Harris, David Burger (back), Bin Ma, Jun Xu, Joyce Yukawa, Viil Lid (back), Dan Suthers, WIl Doane, and Laura Girardeau.