About LILT

The Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies (LILT) is part of the Department of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS), in the College of Natural Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa. LILT also has strong affiliations with the interdisciplinary Communication and Information Sciences (CIS) program. LILT was founded in 1998 and is directed by Dan Suthers. Team members include collaborating faculty, graduate research assistants, various collaborating researchers and teachers, and students conducting projects for academic credit.

Research in LILT combines cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and social science approaches to the design and study of sociotechnical systems, with a focus on technology-enhanced learning. We are particularly known for studies of how technology affordances both influence and are appropriated during social processes of learning, ranging from the meaning-making dialogues of small groups to professional development in online communities. Related areas of research are also pursued according to the interests of members. For example, major projects have been undertaken in supporting systemic educational reform and in envisioning new applications for ubiquitous wireless technologies, and dissertation research spans a wide variety of topics exploring technology affordances. Our sponsors include the National Science Foundation as well as private foundation support.

Our outreach efforts have included distance learning initiatives at the University of Hawaii, support for the Hawaii Department of Education (public schools), and training the next generation technology workforce. Opportunities exist for collaborating teachers and researchers as well as students.

You can email us at lilt-info-l (at) hawaii.edu. Telephone contact Voice: 1-808-956-3890; Fax: 1-808-956-3548

Surface mail and street address is:

Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies, Department of Information and Computer Sciences, University of Hawai`i at Manoa, 1680 East West Road, POST 309 Honolulu, HI 96822.

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